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Ray's the Dead

Ray LaMorte awakens from his tomb as a zombie, and it is your mission, through playable flashbacks, to unravel the mystery of his death. You don’t want to miss this story-driven action game, with 2D characters and 3D backgrounds, full of creative combats and puzzles.

Slap .45

A slap card game of classic Western duels for 3-7 players. Choose a gang, each with different special abilities, and prepare to outslap your opponents. Dealing from a central deck, players must act fast and strategically, and try to remain alive till the last duel.

Mauger 1876 Restoration

A restoration of the USPCC deck by Victor E. Mauger printed in 1876. There’s five editions, but this pledge is for the Mauger replica: cards size 90mm x 62mm, hot stamp foil gold star, linoid finish, red back, and quadruplicate, with the pips of 4 colours.

Pariah, Missouri

The first two volumes of this supernatural western, softcover and 110+ pages each. Set in a boomtown in 1857, it follows the adventures of a charismatic undercover spy, and the rag-team he puts together to fight delinquents… and Evil forces.

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    Top 10 Kickstarter products

    5 of these have launched in the past seven days, and the other 5 will expire in between tomorrow and next Wednesday. All of them are the best of the best.

  • [redacted]

    A game of mistrust and suspicion with lots of bluffing. You will be spies during the Cold War,...

  • Vanguard Valkyrie

    A fast-action rail shooter for VR, for Oculus DK1 or 2. Become Qu, humanity’s last hope, and travel...

  • Braven Arts

    A 2D RPG inspired by JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger. With a politically driven plot, turn-based...

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