A hand-picked selection of the best Kickstarter products

Broken World

A complete and comprehensive rulebook for a post-apocalyptic pen-and-paper RPG, inspired by the Dungeon World system but adding nuclear mutation and the like. Hardcover, full-colour, and with amazing art. Explore and survive the Earth’s aftermath.

CTHULHU Ouija: Whispers from R'lyeh

A limited edition Cthulhu talking board. The board is 14,6” wide and it comes with a planchette, to select the letters of the board, that is made from resin and it’s hand painted and engraved. A collector’s item… that is, unless you’re brave enough to try it.

Moon Hunters

This RPG for 1-4 players looks so amazing I can’t—even the art and music are breathtaking. Set in ancient world, you’ll play the role of a hero in its way to become a legend. Create your own mythology and build your legacy: how will you be remembered?

Sithrah: Book 1

The first volume of an ongoing series, a 96-page full-colour hardcover book. A sci-fi comic that borrows elements from novels and childrens’ books, in order to tell the story of a girl who finds herself alone, in an unfamiliar land, after her plane crashes.

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