A hand-picked selection of the best Kickstarter products

Braven Arts

A 2D RPG inspired by JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger. With a politically driven plot, turn-based battles, and many recruitable characters. The world of the game is highly immersive: there’s night and day, optional dialogue sequences, an over-world map…

Werewolf: Full Moon Expansion

Yay! The popular game of deception, deduction, secrets, and werewolves has an expansion! Which includes 13 new characters. Pledge only if you already have the game, and get 2 decks of the new characters, a tuck box, and new rule book.

Watson and Holmes

A modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes adventures, set in New York, and with Sherlock and Watson as African American mystery-solvers. The first volume is a frenetic story filled with gangs, guns and conspiracy, the second is a collection of one-shots.


A 2D adventure-exploration video game set in Viking purgatory. Bad news: You’re dead. Good news: You, Norse warrior Thora, still have a chance to get to Valhalla. Find the runes, kill the jotun, solve puzzles, and explore this mythical (and beautiful) land.

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Last Chance

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    Cause Girls Make Games

    Specifically, 7 high school girls ages 10-16 have made a video game. And now, with your help, it’s getting funded on Kickstarter.

  • Flash Point: Call of Duty

    Expansion of the popular Flash Point: Fire Rescue, a cooperative board game in which players take the role...

  • Speakeasy

    A card game of social deduction for 10-20 players, set in the world of gansters. Easy to learn...

  • Frostlings

    An original adventure by two Disney veterans. Frostlings follows the quest of five unlikely heroes across Luminas, a...

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