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A 2D adventure-exploration video game set in Viking purgatory. Bad news: You’re dead. Good news: You, Norse warrior Thora, still have a chance to get to Valhalla. Find the runes, kill the jotun, solve puzzles, and explore this mythical (and beautiful) land.


A game of strategy and tactics set at the bottom of the ocean. Each player leads a research team, and the game takes place in two boards: the research centre where try to find crystals, and the HQ where the engineer supervises the many variables in play…


When it comes to iPhone chargers, I think this one takes the cake. If you’re in search of the perfect portable battery solution that’s it: light, cool, fast to charge and easy to use. Plus a magnetic microadaptor, to use your phone comfortably while charging.


The first full-colour 60-page volume, of an epic fantasy adventure with lots of twists. After 14 years since the invasion of the monsters, two unlikely allies (a princess and a young commoner) will travel to Monsterwood to discover the truth and fight back.

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    Top 10 Kickstarter products

    Should we be working in this heat? Here, look at some first rate entertainment that you can find on Kickstarter right now.

  • Shadows Over Normandie

    A wargame compatible and similar to Heroes of Normandie, in which you not only have to take care...

  • Snipe Rapid-Fire Blaster

    A half-digital half-physical game, SNIPE! is a mobile shooting game and a Touch Darts gun. This reward...

  • Zombicide: Season 3

    A new edition to the famous zombie board game, which can be played as a stand-alone. It’s a...

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