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A mysterious and deadly plague breaks out in a town, and three doctors—you can be either of them—are sent to investigate the cause and find a cure. A story-driven survival game, with lots of hard choices, exploration, amazing graphics—but only 12 days.

Eminence: Xander's Tales

A MMO card trading RPG for smartphones and tables (the rewards comes with freebie packs and coins) with breathtaking art. Explore the virtual world, battle your enemies with trading cards, and socialise with other players.

Broken World

A complete and comprehensive rulebook for a post-apocalyptic pen-and-paper RPG, inspired by the Dungeon World system but adding nuclear mutation and the like. Hardcover, full-colour, and with amazing art. Explore and survive the Earth’s aftermath.

Adventures of Pip

That is one meta action-platformer game! Pip is only 1 pixel in a world of 32-bit citizens, but he’s the one who stands up to the evil Skeleton Queen, and quests to save the princess. Absorb enemies’ pixels and evolve, your skills change depending your pixelation.

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